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Growing up in Southwestern Oklahoma on a farm, Jacqué’s first choice of recreation was always horses. When indoor activities prevailed she was enthralled with paper dolls but, couldn’t be happy with the outfits they came with. No......she had to design her own, paint them and cut them out to her specifications.

At 14 years old and fresh off the farm, her first job was wrapping Christmas gifts at the local fashion store. She was fascinated with the textures, colors and styles and the designing seed was planted in her heart. After high school she attended Oklahoma State University where she majored in Fashion Design and Marketing, graduating in 3 years Phi Beta Capa.

The oil boom was on and Western wear was in its hay day! After managing “Mr. G’s” clothing store on campus all through college she was ready for the new venue. Donning boots and a hat, she was in her element at Tener’s Western Outfitters. From sales to buyer to manufactures rep her path was set. Like her childhood paper dolls, she was never quite happy with what she saw and constantly wanted to change and tweak everyone else’s designs. For 15 years she worked for and with clothing and jewelry designers across the country before finally stepping out on her own.

By this time Jacquè had found a new love.......ANTIQUES!!!!! She was collecting china, buttons, flatware and every other antique that fell under the category of "smalls”. From France to Fort Worth and Fresno to Freeport there was no place too big or too small to shop! Moving to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1990 proved to be an antiquer’s paradise! She opened a store in Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania and began her journey of selling antiques and everything imaginable made from them. She gave recycle a whole new name! There were pin cushions from sugar bowls, shirts from old linens, bears dressed in old baptism gowns with vintage jewelry on, memory boxes from old wooden flatware boxes, handbags and coats from antique quilts, bears from old minks, picture frames covered in memorabilia, and jewelry from buttons, broken china, and spoons.

She joined the National Button Society and realized there were thousands of women just like her that loved the “HUNT” and adored the tiny treasures. Along the way she met and worked with several designers making different crafts from these little works of art and broken china. BUT....alas....she just wanted to change them to suite her own taste. Thus.....the beginning of Vintage Revival!

China jewelry had been made for generations by the Chinese from “Ming” china that washed up on their shore. It was made popular in this country by stained glass artist in the early nineties. The technique was simple. Wrap it in copper foiling and lead solder the edges. For years she worked with stained glass crafts people honing the jewelry but, knowing the next level was not to be ignored.

In 2001 Jacquè began to experiment with sterling settings. She knew she only wanted precious metals in her own jewelry collection and felt her collectors had grown up right along with her. The jewelry took on a whole new look that year and well.......the rest is history!

In 2004 she felt her roots in Oklahoma calling her back home. Her family had helped to settle Oklahoma (then Indian Territory) during the “Land Rush” and her Aunt Barbara still lives on that centennial farm across the road from her parents. She had come full circle, back to her roots, back to horses, back to boots, back to the farm and back to that Southwestern influence that had started it all.

What could be more natural than to start a “Western” line that reflected the “Cowboy” lifestyle. Turquoise was the natural choice to enhance this new collection and Jacquè set out to learn everything she could about American mines. Visiting Kingman, AZ. and Carico Lake she was hooked! Collecting along the way fetishes, arrowheads and old conches the “Western Vintage Revival” was birthed!

Jacquè’s broken china jewelry had always been decidedly feminine and very floral and elegant like fine English china. She had gone from Wedgwood to Wallace “Westward Ho”! The transition was smooth as aged whiskey. Western is enjoying a come back in the fashion world and “Cowgirls” have always loved the feminine side of things. Both collections are being received equally at shows and in fine stores everywhere. The one thing that always sets her jewelry apart from any other is her distinctive, recognizable style. Her ability to see a finished piece of jewelry in precious old family heirlooms, to combine unrelated mediums, and to make every single piece of jewelry truly
one-of-a- kind.

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